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One of my favorite publications to read cover to cover is Esquire magazine. I love men’s fashions; surprisingly I have to say, because I couldn’t really care less about women’s fashions, I find that in women’s wear it is way to faddish. Whereas, I find that men’s fashions are continuously classic and with small tweaks, the designers keep it fresh and modern. The key distinction is the quality and eye for workmanship in the tailoring of a man’s suit jacket, a man;s shirt, even their slacks. The stitching right down to the button holing, has an attention to detail that makes it into a work of art. I look through the entire magazine and the articles are always educational, the fashion column called Ask Nick, gives the best advice and the breadth of Nick’s knowledge is impressive. This month Bruce Willis is on the cover, he isn’t particularly well dressed, but he is Bruce Willis, the fashion is left to the male models, Bruce is speaking about his new life and his most recent movies. The issue is also called the Father’s Day issue and it doesn’t disappoint with gift giving ideas, when in doubt look to the professionals, writers for a men’s magazine. In terms of Father’s Day menu ideas, there is a slew of famous chef’s who write of food items that their father’s had taught them how to make at a young age. The article is so sweet, there is a lot of bacon throughout the reminiscing, my nostrils flared a few times. I just really like to see young men well dressed complete with beautiful shoes. My hubby always looks very handsome in his suits and he has excellent taste in apparel. We can go anywhere and he fits in perfectly, I’m the ugly ducking of the two, but to his credit, he knows what to suggest for me to wear because he has the better eye by far. There is something to be said about a well dressed and well groomed man.