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Today I had a grand day, my hubby and I relaxed during the morning, savoring our respective coffees and reading the current news stories and I took care of Rex and Jack’s morning constitutionals. Afterwards, I mentioned to my husband that our front planters were empty and with Memorial Day coming up and the parade passing in front of the house, I would love to get some plants to brighten the front of our house. Off we went plant shopping, one of my favorite things to do in the world. Wandering the plant section, there are so many possibilities sitting there waiting to be picked, I did a cursory walk through all the aisles to get a lay of the land. I knew in my mind what I wanted in terms of plants, perennials because they theoretically come back every year and two big trays of annuals, mostly impatiens because they are colorful and spread really nicely over the whole planter, filling in spaces between perennials. My goal has always been to eventually get to a place that all of my little gardens will be resplendent with established perennials and all that I’ll ever have to do is throw in some annuals for a splash of color in the spring while I’m waiting for the perennials to bloom.

So at the garden center, I picked up three bags of soil, impatiens, I saw some beautiful petunias and they made their way onto the cart, I also passed by herbs and even though they weren’t on my list for the front, my planters in the back were naked as well and crying for their annual herb plantings, so in went rosemary, thyme, basil, sage and lavender. I had a special plan for lavender, it was going into one of the front planters as a perennial. What’s there to lose? Come fall, I’ll make sure to mulch the front planters heavily to try to keep the perennials extra protected from next winter’s frost. I also planted two more dianthus in the other planters, alongside impatiens and petunias. I also put in perennial ground cover called bugle wort I think. I don’t know if I love plant shopping more than planting them once I get home or vice versa. Either way, I am one happy gardener, my planters are full with pretty plants, some that will hopefully come back next year and others that will get fuller and healthier with continuous splash of color throughout the growing season. So very happy today.