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Today was not a day for writing on my computer. This morning my computer was cooperating while I was going through my mail and other interests which was, in retrospect a gift, because as soon as I had finished doing all of my important items, my computer turned temperamental to the nth degree. My computer went all crazy diva on me like nobody’s business. She could have been a computer real housewife on the Bravo network. I had plans for my blog this morning, I had envisioned trying something new, adding a music clip to my Plinky post that I cross post onto WordPress, I was very excited about trying something new and learning more about the tools available for me to make my posts more interesting and unique to me. But no, my computer diva basically snapped her circuits and said “oh no you are not”. I had commented recently on a friend’s blog who was also encountering computer issues that when mine gives me trouble, I do a lot of deep breathing and many, many walks up and down the stairs as I wait for the horrendous hourglass to go away. I also get that annoying little window informing me that there is an unresponsive script and I could either let it continue or stop it. I always elect to stop the pesky script, but what goes on in that big box I wonder, I always hear things whirring away in the box which holds the hard drive. After what seemed to be innumerable unresponsive script alerts, I broke down and shut down the diva. Frustration was still coursing through my veins and what better remedy but physical labor, taking care of my plants. I transplanted both of my hibiscus to new pots and put them outside in the front. My bougainvillea also got put outside in the back near the pool, soon to be opened this Wednesday. I would have used my new toy, the manual mower, but it kept raining intermittently so I’m hoping to get to it either tomorrow or Wednesday. I am waiting to start the diva back up, I’m happily typing away on my IPad so I don’t want to ruin my mood as of yet. There is always time for frustration later, I’m relaxing reading and writing on the couch. Life is good, plants were taken care of, the dogs were walked quite a bit and I’m still writing.