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Just a few days ago, I wrote about what I wish my little Jack would understand completely; either complete house training or to never run away if off leash. Today as it so happens, when we got back home from being at my mother’s overnight, both Rex and Jack were overjoyed at seeing us and I immediately took both of them for a nice walk in the park next to our house. When we got back it was time for their dinner which they both devoured. Meanwhile, the car was being unpacked, the garage door was open and in the midst of all of us putting things away, going in and out of the garage, the dogs were settled in the living room where my hubby and I eventually sat down to enjoy some t.v. At one point, my hubby got up to go to the kitchen and he noticed that the side door leading the the garage was open. I know this because my hubby called out to me and I couldn’t understand what he was saying so I got up to see what he was talking about. The words that I couldn’t decipher were “is Jack with you?”. That is when I kicked into action because our little wily Jack Russell knows how to open the screen door to the garage which was open to the driveway. Excellent opportunity for the little scamp to escape. Which he did, the problem was we weren’t sure exactly how long Jack had been gone for. It could have been five minutes or twenty minutes, I got his leash and with a sinking stomach went to go look for our baby. There is traffic on our road and I don’t know how savvy Jack would be crossing the road or if he would cross the road at all. I got out of the house and started to walk down the driveway and out of the corner of my eye I see a tail wagging near our front wall. I walk over to the wagging tail and ask Jack “are you looking for chipmunks Jack?” the tail starts wagging even faster and I put the leash on. We get into the house and my hubby picks up Jack praising him for hunting chipmunk and coming home with Maman. Actually it was my hubby who planted the chipmunk hunting idea in Jack’s mind, so Jack was only following his Papa’s direction. I was so relieved finding our little Jack, he has been a gift to us and to Rex. I am also heartened by the fact that Jack wasn’t interested in leaving our property,he was intent on hunting within our parameters. Who knows, maybe the communication with Jack is working?