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This past Mother’s day, the kids and my hubby treated me to a wonderful lunch at Bizen, an excellent Japanese restaurant in Great Barrington, MA in the midst of the Berkshires. It’s a great town, full of life, food and cultural events. I forget how my hubby found Bizen, we stumbled upon it about three years ago and we have been faithful customers ever since. Our son is a sushi aficionado and our baby girl has also become more adventurous as she has gotten older. My hubby did us all a favor when he found Bizen because it is perfect for those who like to be adventurous, they offer monkfish liver as an appetizer, their versions of shumai, steamed dumplings, are sublime and their creative riff on nega maki, usually sautéed beef around asparagus, in this case a lovely sliced duck breast grilled around asparagus is excellent. My hubby and baby boy ordered the Chef’s sushi special which always means the chef offers what he feels to be the best picks of the day. My baby girl and I got very excited perusing the special inside out rolls with their clever names. The baby girl ordered a puff dragon, a roll with smoked eel, salmon, tuna, avocado rolled with tobiko, flying fish roe. I ordered the binge on the fringe which had spicy tuna tartare, avocado, smoked eel, and other stuff. It was soooo good. We were all sated with the savory part of our meal, dessert was forthcoming but not at Bizen. Down the street was an old fashioned ice cream parlor, I got a large cookies and cream in a waffle cone, the baby girl had chocolate in a cup, my hubby indulged with black raspberry ice cream and the baby boy got a shake. It was a great Mother’s day, great food and being with my family, doesn’t get better than that.