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I’m all ready, the cookies are set, I put some aside for my hubby and the babies. As I wrote last night, they aren’t even getting the ugly ones, I made a whole batch of pretty cookies, hooray! I just had one as I tried to take a picture of my cookies to show you the end result.

They are quite yummy especially if you enjoy the flavor of hazelnut, one of my favorite nuts especially with chocolate. I am sure that the musical performance this evening will be lovely, it is all woodwind and I hope that it will be classical. I do love the great maestros, I just could never keep who composed which concerto or symphony straight in my head. My father had an extraordinary ear for music and languages, every Sunday morning we would be woken with Brahms, Beethoven, Grieg or Chopin blaring from the living room. I loved the music, just not the hour. I should get ready so that I’m not late and my cookies get a nice spot on the refreshment table.