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I have, perhaps twice in my life, had muscle cramps in my leg, painful and shocking experiences, one was in my hamstring and the other was in my calf. Those two cramps happened long enough ago that I can’t quite remember how bad it was, intellectually though, I know it was very bad. Lately, in the evening, I’ve been getting cramps in my toes on my right leg, not the big toe, the third and fourth toes and while it is not excruciating pain like a muscular cramp, it still stinks. My hubby is really talented at getting rid of my pesky toe cramps by cracking those annoying toes, but being home alone, I have to do it myself which, as you can imagine, feels nowhere near as good as when your loved one does it for you. I have thought about what could be causing my toe cramps. I know that it can’t be due to dehydration because I drink all the time. Might it be too much sugar? I don’t eat that much sugar, I had ice cream today, but I would think that the sugar aspect would be a cumulative issue, not something that happens every once in a while. I wonder if it’s because of Jack, our little baby Jack Russell, he sits on me all the time, could he be constricting a nerve? I doubt it, he is funny though because he gets so annoyed when I gently put him to the side to crack my right foot. He even gets annoyed when he is sleeping on my lap and when my stomach growls loudly, it disturbs his nap he gets this peeved look on his little face.

I finally figured out how to show off my two baby boys, hooray for me!