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Today for lunch at the hotel I had the French equivalent of a tuna salad, the salad Nicoise on a warm baguette. The tuna that was in the sandwich was a tuna steak that had been poached in olive oil and then it was flakes into small pieces and combined with pea shoots, roasted red pepper, chopped black olives, sliced hard boiled egg, anchovies and delicate baby lettuce. The salad still had a hint of warmth as did the baguette. It was honestly one of the best pan bagnat I have ever had. A salad Nicoise on a sandwich is called a pan bagnat and vice versa. Don’t get me wrong, I often make myself tuna salad at home and I enjoy it very much. The tuna fish in a can that I purchase, is the one in olive oil and I chop up celery, nice and fine along with its leaves, all that mixed with Dijon mustard and mayonnaise, salt and pepper and it makes for a nice sandwich. This one at the restaurant was excellent because it went the extra mile with different textures and flavors. My taste buds are quite happy.