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My hubby and I are in Boston once again for an overnight get away. When we arrived at our usual home away from home, the Intercontinental, we decided to go for a walk in search of food. We had a destination already in mind, a Japanese restaurant called Oishii. While we were walking, my hubby put in a call to the baby girl and before she answered, I asked him not to tell her that we were in search of Sushi, she wouldn’t be very happy with us. She and her brother are aficionados of excellent restaurant food and they don’t appreciate when we have a wonderful restaurant experience without them. I told my hubby to tell her that we were having rice and beans for dinner, she doesn’t like rice and beans.

We arrived at Oishii and I was quite hungry after the twenty-minute walk. The decor was very zen like, the service was excellent and the menu quite extensive and interesting. My hubby ordered the Chef’s special Sushi and Sashimi and I ordered the grilled Chilean Sea Bass with a roasted garlic citrus glaze and sticky rice on the side. We were both pleased with our dishes, both of our plates were practically clean when the waiter came to clear our table. Dessert was next, my hubby ordered the green tea tiramisu and I ordered the red bean creme brûlée. Rest assured both were happy indulgences. After we were done and waiting for the check, I clapped my hands and said I didn’t lie, tonight I had rice and beans for dinner. Not necessarily in the manner most people associate with your standard rice and bean fare but they were at some point part of my meal. We had a great time out together.