Yesterday I wrote about trying to figure out what my blog was all about. My friend from the DailyPost community, Tilly Bud, gave me the best advice to get me headed in the right direction. Her advice was so simple, she suggested that I separate my blog content into two different blogs. That was it, the best advice is so often the simplest. I thanked her profusely in my reply to her comment. So this morning, I didn’t let any weeds grow under my bum, as soon as I hit the keyboard, I entered the WordPress realm and I have to say that the good folk at WordPress make it so easy to add a blog with tutorials, a wonderful help section and a ton of different options.

I actually went further this time with my new blog, I registered it in a domain. I have a domain, little old me. I’m quite excited about this, I know that there is a whole array of new things that I can learn about getting my political opinions and thoughts across a wider audience. I know that I have a lot to learn because just trying to cross-post my comments from Huffington Post over to my new blog, took me four tries. Under the post a comment section at the Huffington Post, they offer many different sites. When you click on WordPress, it asks for the WordPress host, WordPress login ID, WordPress pass word. I had to unravel which area would be the one that differentiate each blog from the other, even though they are under the same umbrella. Hooray for me, I figured it out. It was the address typed in the WordPress host area that would direct my comments to my political blog.

Great advice is only great if you follow it and I did. How it unfolds will be all of my doing, but I feel that I got an important nudge in the right direction by a good writing friend.