McConnell already came out saying that he was in favor of keeping the interest rates at 3.4% but only if the spending is offset somewhere else in the budget, so that means cutting, what I don’t know, because as usual McConnell was deliberately vague. I am not sure if he came out with this before or after Romney; because the legislators have their own elections to worry about in 2012 so I can see certain legislators acting independently of either the President or the “nominee”. President Obama should follow “occupystudentloans” lead and start the dialogue about student loan forgiveness in this joblessness recovery on a national level. President Obama has the podium, it comes in handy during times such as these. The student loan debt bubble didn’t balloon overnight, just as the housing bubble didn’t explode without signs waiting to be deciphered by those who cared to look, the student debt bubble is looming for an explosion. President Obama would serve us and himself well if he would be more aggressive with his policy recommendations.
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