As long as President Obama reminds the voters of his priorities; the environment, steering us towards a strong green economy, investment in research and development, reversing the dominance of finance in our economy, investment in our public education and state universities and better income opportunities, the voters will realize that the GOP has been against all of those proposals. The GOP wants to cut away any chance of growth for the future, all the GOP is interested in is getting us back to the late 1890’s. The era of Robber Barons, fossil fuel, no environmental policies, no worker’s rights, no women rights; it was a fun time for the wealthy, not so much for the 99%. But when you are in Romney’s class, by monetary right, you have virtue, the poor need the dignity of work to validate their existence. I don’t want Romney to have the opportunity to further legislate the huge inequalities that have grown over the past 4 decades. I want our President to continue his work trying to redress the huge imbalance to give the future generations the chance for real opportunities.
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