If I could find Mother nature’s door, I’d be knocking politely to see if she would be gracious and tell me why she turned down the thermostat. I shouldn’t be complaining, it isn’t cold by any measure. It has been 50 degrees for the last few days and as it stands, it should remain in the low 50’s until May first. It just went from balmy 60-70 degrees to windy, very damp low 50’s and my joints are aching. I feel the damp creeping in between the cartilage and joint crevices and irritating the inner cavities. It is hard to explain the ache of rheumatoid arthritis but these days of dampness have made me a little irritable. My hips, ankles and knuckles have been cantankerous and I’m looking forward to some stronger sunlight to come our way soon. In my mind, I can imagine the rays of sun acting like a soothing balm on my achy joints. I’m looking forward to it, I think that “Here Comes the Sun” would be a perfect song to welcome the sun back again.