Since President Obama entered office, the charges of socialism and now communism have appeared as part of the GOP tool kit to galvanize their base to automatically distrust any program or policy that the President endorses. Obviously the GOP and Fox news are counting on the fact that their base don’t understand what socialism or communism really mean. If they did, the charges would be laughed at and we would be able to move forward with hopefully some meaningful dialogue about how to correct the jobless trajectory caused by wage stagnation, free trade agreements and automation. I have noticed that whenever someone has the facts, research and a defensible argument they never have to yell or call people names. That behavior which you see constantly on Fox news comes from people who don’t have anything to base a clear logical defense on, it is all smoke and mirrors and O’Reilly and Hannity feel threatened by their lack of intelligence so they lash out as the bullies that they are.
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