Of course Boehner is never going to admit that he is living under a “reign of terror” from the tea party freshmen republicans and that, even being the neophytes in D.C, they hijacked his leadership and flipped it against him. He couldn’t seal the deal with the “grand bargain” proposed to him by the President during the debt ceiling negotiations, which in all honesty, I am so pleased that Boehner was exhibiting great ineptitude during that summer. If it had been someone like Nancy Pelosi she would have bull dozed it through and I am happy that someone of her caliber is on the democrats side. Boehenr, Cantor and McConnell are the lackeys of the Koch brothers, which essentially means big oil, natural gas and coal and probably military contractors as well. Those three have nothing to offer the American people as a whole. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the house reverts back to left so that we can have work done as opposed to the “do nothing” congress we have had since 2010.
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