Every Friday morning, my friend and I alternate in leading the ladies in our osteoporosis weight class for about two hours when everything is said and done. We all meet at the town hall in Montgomery, a tiny hill town not toO far from Blandford. We all get together and set up the room by bringing in our chairs from the senior room into the main meeting room. We also get our lower back support pillows and our arm and leg weights. By the time we are ready we have already spent a half hour. I have to say that during the two hours of physical exercise of stretching, walking, balance exercises and using our weights in several repetitive weight-bearing exercises, we also exercise our minds and mouths. We happily try to solve all of the world’s problems, occasionally we’ll have one of the ladies get on their soapbox and it does happen that they don’t want to get down. Everyone is so very good-natured about it. I do bite my tongue, especially as I have written before the ladies do have a tendency to blame the young and single mothers for everything. I try to keep them on subjects such as gardening because they are all very adept gardeners and I learn a lot from their experience. Gardening is always a much more pleasant subject to talk about anyway.