Boehner, who is Catholic, should know that falsehoods are against the rules as well. He and his party are going after the poor in order to give the wealthy as many tax breaks as possible. A civilized society should be concerned with those who are the most vulnerable, women and children and there are far too many of them poor and hungry. The wealthy have done exceptionally well due to the confluence of tax cuts and deregulation, not because of their higher virtue, moral superiority or higher intelligence. It isn’t normal that a C.E.O make 250% more than an ordinary employee, that fact hearkens back to the middle ages where the lord of the manor lived far better than the peasants because they thought it was their divine right and because supposedly they were the protectorates of their people. Those days ended because the common folk woke up and revolted, we are already revolting now, it is time for the GOP to realize that the wool has been lifted from our eyes and their platform is unacceptable.
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