Interesting that Romney immediately thinks of a chain of stores rather than praising a local bakery.Whether it be the chain 7-11 or Walmart, chains do pretty much the same thing to an economic environment. I know that Walmart is a humongous employer but the damage that their chain has inflicted on medium size and small size towns has been incredible. All the small local businesses put out to pasture because of the ability of a whale of an organization to undercut their small share of the market has reshaped the landscape of much of middle America. We don’t rail against it as much as we used to because it has been accepted as a fait accompli, but Walmart employees don’t seem to have the best work environment, they lack access to health care, the women are discriminated against, though they tried to get a class action suit, Walmart’s bevy of attornys were able to quash that down. It’s funny that Romney through his gaffe’s, reminds me of yet another reason why I am angry with the GOP and their policies.
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