Cheesecake is a classic dessert regardless of which version appears on your plate. Look for a recipe and there are hundreds of different recipes; the New York style cheesecake, the Italian cheesecake, sour cream and cream cheese cheesecake, fruit covered cheesecake and chocolate swirled cheesecake. I could go on and on about the different ways cheesecake can be prepared, much like Bubba did when he talked about shrimp in the movie Forrest Gump; coconut shrimp, popcorn shrimp, fried shrimp all while cleaning the bathroom floor tile with his toothbrush.

My husband made a scrumptious cheesecake on Monday, it was the classic New York style cheesecake with a sour cream topping. It was arguably, according to our two kids and in my own opinion, the best cheesecake that we have ever had. It was so creamy and smooth, the sour cream offset the cream cheese richness and the graham cracker crust lent the perfect contrast in texture. The crunch highlighted the creaminess, the one made you appreciate the other so much more.

When my hubby went off to work, he forgot to bring a slice or two with him so that he could at least taste the fruits of his labors. Which was a pity because since his creation was so delectable, the whole cheesecake was gobbled up awfully fast. So in preparation of my hubby’s return, I, at his request, made a replacement cheesecake. I found the recipe which served as his guide and followed it. The cheesecake, right now is resting in the refrigerator, according to the recipe, the cheesecake needs at least 24 hours of rest to develop its creaminess and flavor fully. I can attest to that because my first slice of my hubby’s cheesecake was good but after the next day, there was a marked increase in the deliciousness. The last slice to be devoured was definitely the best one out of the whole cake. So I am hoping that by tomorrow night, my replacement cheesecake will be close to the deliciousness that my hubby’s had achieved. It would be nice if it was because he deserves at least that much.