This is the article that should be quoted by women everywhere. It is sad when sitcom writers incorporate the difference in pay between men and women into their comedies. It is especially sad that women have wanted to believe that much of entry into the workforce was through our own choice, when fundamentally it was through economic necessity because wages have been stagnant for 40 years. If women had realized that at the get go perhaps we could have been more proactive through these 4 decades by fighting harder for better pay, better maternal care better everything. We are playing catch up but 40 years of catch up feels like a monumental task. The make up of congress doesn’t put the battle in our favor, women are severely under-represented. I would love to look over at Europe to point out their progressive outlook towards women in general, but with the austerity policies in full swing, all the workplace support programs for mothers and fathers may fall by the wayside, I hope not. For now it is much easier to be a woman in countries like France than it is here.
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