That is the question, what to write about? I could write about the present my elderly 120 pound German Shepard, Rex, left for me this morning, a case of the runs, the poor lamb. That wasn’t pleasant at all, all before breakfast. Never fear, didn’t ruin my day. It made me walk the dogs much more often, because better outside than inside. If it hadn’t been 80 degrees outside, I would have spent more time gardening but the walking was good enough to get me some fresh air. I am looking forward to tomorrow when the temperature descends to a much more civilized range of the low 60’s, with a breeze that we are pretty much guaranteed up in Blandford, it will be perfect gardening weather for the rest of the week. I wonder if this year will be known as an aberration or if this is truly what we are going to experience from now on. That is, climate change is here and that we went past the tipping point. Makes me a little worried at times.

The hubby made a luscious cheesecake and I helped. He made it late in the afternoon so we’ll be trying it tomorrow, I described it as luscious because my hubby went the extra step and put a decadent layer of sour cream on top of the cheesecake towards the end of the baking time. It smelled really good coming out of the oven.

The baby girl right now is torturing me with the threat of her sinfully divine chocolate chip cookies. She did more than threaten, she is actually making them and in a half hour or so, I’ll be smelling freshly baked cookies. Hers are so addictive, her friends are over, so hopefully they will eat them all. My baby girl, I’m sorry that I’m bragging, but she has the golden touch when it comes to cookies. A mother’s pride on display.

Hopefully, Rex will be over his gastrointestinal issues because that was quite unpleasant and I won’t have to worry about it anymore. Whenever children or pets are ill, they are front and center pushing everything else aside. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I am looking forward to start weeding, I have held off because I needed some good,solid growth so that I could differentiate between the weeds and my perennials. I forget every year what I planted that is new and some perennials are self seeders or they naturalize every year, so I always wait before yanking. Gardening is great, interesting and challenging.