Once and for all, I wish that someone would stand up and forever deflate the myth that these “small business” job creators actually will pull us out of our job deficit. What the GOP call “small businesses” are really the financial people on Wall Street who don’t create jobs or create much of anything aside from their own profits at the expense of Main Street. What I would like to see is manufacturing to come back to the U.S, especially the high-tech manufacturing such as you would find in green energy manufacturing, automotive, computerization and others. The GOP decries government participation in anything but I’m sorry, China who is a better capitalist than we are, uses its governmental power to kick our buts and they know it, they are exploiting our capitulation to the GOP selfish agenda for their own economic gains. It’s embarrassing. The Buffet/Reagan rule is symbolic of what needs to be done, that is all of us investing and re-investing in ourselves and our future, you would think that it wouldn’t be this hard, to want our country to succeed together, but it is unfortunately for us.
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