Jason, I just watched 10 minutes of Meet the Press and I was about to kick the t.v in. David Gregory had Kirsten Gillibrand and Michelle Bachmann talking about the “war on women”. My take on the whole thing is that the democrats failed to zero in on the whole key economic issue, Anne Romney had the LUXURY of the CHOICE to stay at home. Most women don’t have the CHOICE because for 4 decades incomes have been stagnant across the board and jobs have been shipped overseas thanks to companies like Bain LLC. David Gregory gave most of the airtime to Michelle Bachmann and she attacked President Obama on gas prices and being a health care dictator. Gillibrand tried to speak about the GOP bill regarding employers being able to dictate a women’s health choices and Bachmann went back to dictator Obama. I asked my hubby to turn it off, why is Bachmann asked back to these shows, she only dumbs them down. Jason, it was so painful.
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