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This weekend I have been spoiled, I got to see not one movie but two. Our car needed an oil change and my hubby had the foresight to schedule one for 11:30 this morning. We got there and they took us immediately, my hubby then treated me to a fine breakfast at the conveniently located IHOP across the way on Route 5. My favorite breakfast is normally two eggs over-east with rye toast and two sausage links, at my hubby’s insistence I upped the ante and got the two pancakes on the side to make it a combo. My hubby was happy that I broke the twenty year ban on pancakes. I think that I lost all desire for pancakes after I gorged on them during my pregnancy with my first-born. After breakfast, we went to get our car and it was done, ready to be picked up.

It turned out that as we drove past the movie theater, the new Julia Roberts movie Mirror, Mirror was playing at 1:10 and as we looked at the clock in the car, it just so happened to be 1:00. Hooray for us, it was movie time! My hubby and I really enjoyed Mirror, Mirror. As the evil step-mother/Queen(Julia Roberts) put it so well, it was the fairy tale told through the Queen’s perspective. Julia played the evil Queen so well, she was the perfect amount of sarcastic and snarky tempered with fake charm and the great Nathan Lane served well as a comic foil. Snow-white was played to perfection by Lily Collins,her father is Phil Collins, she is so lovely. The dwarves each had personality and charisma unique to each and everyone of them. In case you hadn’t noticed, I, or I should say, we love movies. We loved this one, it was an escapist movie, a nice fairy tale with a happy ever after.