Chris, excellent article, love Hillary Clinton and I’m glad that she showed common sense and stayed out of the fray. She is probably too busy given everything that is on her plate at the moment. You are correct that the whole point, Anne Romney has the LUXURY of having the CHOICE, was lost in the brouhaha. Democrats fumbled the excellent chance to underscore that it has been decades of GOP policies, anti-union sentiment and pro-corporate agendas that created 3 decades worth of income stagnation that forced middle-class women and working class women to HAVE to work outside the home to continue to maintain an average lifestyle. One salary wasn’t doing the job it used to in the 50’s and 60’s. Democrats could have countered Santorums’ whole argument that the breakdown of America was because of the breakdown in the nuclear family with, it was exactly the robbing of the middle class income potential and opportunity that caused the breakdown of the family, working women forced to help to make ends meet created a generation of latch key kids. Slashing after school programs didn’t help either. Hillary Clinton was right, it takes a village to raise a child and the GOP legacy failed the American nuclear family across the board.
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