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The family unit went out this evening for a movie and dinner at the Olive Garden. The babies like the Olive Garden, unlimited bread sticks and salad. It is a dependable restaurant, no surprises and the portions are large enough to warrant leftovers for the next day, hooray. The movie we saw, just came out, Lockout. The writer and director of the movie Fifth Element, Luc Besson, wrote and produced Lockout. Be prepared for the hero of the movie, played by Guy Pierce, to be daring, cocky, tongue in cheek, reminiscent of Bruce Willis in the Fifth Element and of Die Hard fame. It is a science fiction action movie, set in 2079 and the world of course is slightly different to say the least. What I am saying is that this movie entertained us, kept me hopping in my seat and gave us quite a bit to talk about over dinner. Nothing mind-boggling, just hashing out various scenes that resonated the most with us, which characters we liked, we all agreed that Guy Pierce makes a fine hero, we would watch him in another action role anytime.