The metaphors aren’t doing justice to the actual damage that the big banks have done and are still doing to our economy. When Matt Taibbi called Goldman Sachs the vampire squid, that was actually an apt description of Goldman Sachs activities, sucking the life force out of their victims, just ask Greece. The great white whale doesn’t adequately illustrate JP MorganChase. I always rooted for the great white whale in Moby Dick and found Captain Ahab to be the most flawed literary character in all of literature. I would liken JP MorganChase to the iceberg in the Titanic scenario with our economy unfortunately being the Titanic and our previous Captain along with the designers and builders were clueless to prevent our ship from sinking. Our present day Captain is amongst the wreckage crews trying to steer us off to a better course but those same pesky designers and incompetent crew members keep trying to steer him further off course back towards the icebergs.
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