Isn’t it a sign that an empire is on the decline when the politicians are campaigning with calls to a past greater glory? It seems to me that the corporate policies adopted by the collusion of Wall Street and congress and the tax rate cutting of the upper brackets pretty much bankrupted the national commons for everyone. What I mean by national commons isn’t just the national parks and our public spaces but our common public educational system, our common public law enforcement, our national research and development and even our space program. Once the C.E.O’s pay was divorced from the common interests of their own company and tied to the singular issue of stock prices, the C.E.O’s failed to exercise proper judgement on policies designed for the common good of the company and instead focused only on the shareholder, a trend that has extended itself to everything else in our society. The common good no longer prevails, it has been superseded by the good of the few.
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