It kind of makes me sad that President Obama invokes Ronald Reagan as a model. I understand the logic, how best to paint the current crop of republicans as irrational and greedy when their vision contrasts so starkly with their patron saint, “Saint Ronnie”. I wish that President Obama would remind the American people of a true progressive Teddy Roosevelt, the conservationist, the protector of the underdog. Teddy Roosevelt learned much about how the unfortunate truly lived when he was Police Commissioner in NYC. He never forgot those people in the tenements and you saw it in his public policy when he was afforded the opportunity to reenter political life later in early 1900’s. Having someone on our side like Teddy Roosevelt who was a man’s man, an intellectual, a historian. an activist and a fighter. Edmond Morris, his biographer, does a spectacular job of bringing Teddy to life and it’s easy to forget that he has been gone for all these years because aside from technology, things haven’t really changed about the fight for the soul of this nation of ours.
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