I think that it is safe to say that everyone in this world has struggles, Anne Romney who is exceedingly wealthy has had a great deal of health struggles in her life. She seems to be a warm person but she has never had to forcibly choose between buying food or paying for medicine for her MS, many working mothers have to make those incredibly hard choices and I used the term forcibly because there isn’t another word that suits the predicament that ails so many families out there. Employer sponsored health insurance isn’t guaranteed, buying your own health insurance is increasingly impossible given the cost of premiums and high deductibles. No one is saying anything against the wealthy, I am simply making the case that given what Mitt has said on the campaign trail, in terms of health insurance and his views on higher education, he doesn’t comprehend how easy he had it and how easy his sons have had it. It is much easier to be a success when you already have the backing and the tools behind you such as say Donald Trump and Mitt Romney. They both had successful fathers who helped guide them along to their own successes and they are both grooming their own sons for the same. Don’t pretend that policies that are aimed at the “job creators” have any impact on the average person, their income is actually earned by the sweat of their brow, not through carried along interest.
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