I understand what Ms. Rosen meant by her statement regarding Anne Romney and her understanding of what it is like for other women. I think what got lost in the whole outrage is the point that Mitt and Anne Romney will never understand what it is like for millions of working mothers and single mothers because no matter what their own struggles were from early on in the life together, Mitt Romney had a leg up, that put him in a circumstance that he and his wife never had to make really tough choices. I appreciate the fact that Anne is battling MS, a tough disease, our aunt recently passed away after living with MS for 40 years, so I know how it can be, but if Anne were like most people, she might be calling for a different nationalized health insurance program or if she and Mitt hadn’t been son and daughter-in-law of a highly successful governor and auto industry executive, she might have been forced to become a working mother, difficult to do with MS. I see the value of these questions due to how Mitt and Anne Romney achieved their success.Yes it was through hard work on both their parts but I am sure there is the question; if Mitt couldn’t have afforded Harvard, if he hadn’t had the social circle he was born into, would he be the success he is today? Is his vision of America as the land of opportunity still viable for the average young American starting out without Mitt’s family history and connections? These are valid arguments and questions. There is no question that being a stay at home mother is as difficult and important as anything else, but so many millions of women don’t have the choice. It is a financial necessity for them to work outside the home, that is what got lost in the debate, the loss of increased wages throughout the decades for the median income family of America.
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