I would hope that the science teachers in Tennessee schools would teach their students the scientific method before all else and employ that method when challenging scientific theory. What I really can’t wrap my head around is why is there a problem? If the parents are so concerned, why aren’t they sending their children to Sunday school where they can learn all about creationism and leave the science curriculum alone. Science itself welcomes critical and analytical thinking, two very important components of learning. I don’t think that anyone is arguing that children shouldn’t be exposed to multiple ideas about how we came about, but to reject science outright does more harm than good. The scientific method is critical to more advanced deductive reasoning, all children should have that taught to them, it behooves them to use that approach in everyday life. Make up their own minds. If my Catholic school saw fit to teach us evolution and science in science class and it was done by the nuns, I don’t see why there would be trouble now.
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