I think that Mtich needs a refresher course on anatomy. The difference between men and women is in their reproductive systems. The GOP on the state and federal level have sought to restrict women reproductive choices and the freedom that they have to make those choices. I haven’t seen or heard of a single piece of legislation that has spoken to men access to health care regarding Viagra or other medicines and why, because Viagra hasn’t anything to do really with reproduction as a choice, it has to do with sex. Obviously for women who bear most of the responsibility and consequences, sex and reproduction is so much more. Republican men are trying to assert control against women and that in my opinion validates the term “war against women”. Women are losing their power to make deeply personal decisions because republican lawmakers are taking it to the legislative branch and thus logically the judicial branch and what recourse do women have? Therein lies the problem and why “war” as a descriptive term, isn’t a hysterical response, it’s a valid one.
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