Clearly, come this November the senate and house elections are the ones to watch. My hope is that President Obama is re-elected and more importantly the senate gains a few more seats and that the house’s makeup is minus a few tea party legislators. What derailed our recovery from the get go was the bloc of GOP lawmakers joined by blue dog democrats,(who made me really mad betraying their principles for their corporate benefactors), 2010 was made even worse when the small faction of tea party republicans came waltzing in and refused to pay our country’s bills by playing chicken with the debt ceiling. It was an embarrassment of gross incompetence and ignorance. The GOP leadership kept harping on the same meme “adult conversation”. There was no “adult conversation” on their end, it was teenage rebellion pure and simple, immature posturing by the house and it was bad governance on Boehner’s part. The GOP should be ashamed of themselves but they aren’t, because they goal is to fulfill Ayn Rand’s philosophy into a living, breathing achievement, our society. The parasites us working at the pleasure and whim of the producers.
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