You’re right Chris, the people unfortunately lose out once again because the rating hounds in the news media smell blood and all of them pounce and read from the same memo, that President Obama is threatening the Supreme Court like gangsta Obama, oh no he didn’t. I do have to say that with the political currents that have battered our nation for the past decade, I cringe when departments of our government get caught up in actively stupid scandals such as the GSA. This just reinforces the notion that government is bad and out to swindle the American people and that isn’t the case. Those bad apples need to be flogged for severely undermining what little is left of the reputation of what good government does for us. Such as regulations to keep arsenic out of our commercially produced chickens. That is the newest thing that private companies are feeding chickens, bad feed, it’s cheaper. If the nation had a normal outlook on the function of government I wouldn’t be so sickened by the GSA’s actions, I would say good investigative reporting and the next appointee’s will be better vetted and supervised, not oh no another weapon at Fox’s disposal to hammer against government.
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