Tonight my son and I met the hubby at The Student Prince restaurant in Springfield. The restaurant is an old-fashioned German restaurant that had been around for a very long time and still held by the original owners. I love it because it doesn’t change, it is a constant that is rare especially in the restaurant business. All the German staples are on the menu and the beer selection is top-notch as well. It should be since the tap-room is literally burgeoning with beer steins from the old country. The restaurant only closes twice a year and both days are dedicated to bringing down the steins and polishing every single one of them.

I particularly love the German language, the words such as Hasenpheffer and schnitzel sound so hearty and strong, bunny rabbit and veal; but in German, those two words sound manly when you order them. I also love the wurst, any type of wurst with sauerkraut and Dijon mustard, delicious. They also have game and seafood; any type of seafood. It is an excellent restaurant and has been solidly busy for all these years. Their desserts put a lot of places to shame, their home-made whipped cream dolloped over a home-made apple strudel; can there be anything better than that to finish the evening?

We had a lovely dinner, when we got back I walked the dogs and digested a bit. Now it is time to relax and begin enjoying the weekend.