Doesn’t anyone in D.C understand the absurdity of Ryan’s economic budget. On the one hand, you have wealthy individuals and corporations who are raking in extraordinary money who’s tax burden will be lowered and who couldn’t care less about the spending cuts instituted across the board because they don’t need any of those programs. On the other hand, you have the rest of us, who through decreased union participation in various industries and job transfers overseas, have seen their wage income decrease or stay stagnant for 30 years and yet their taxes will either rise or the programs that they depend on will be cut. Ryan’s economic plan is a win/win for the upper tier and corporations and a lose/lose for the rest of us and all because the GOP wants to fix a long term deficit that is fueled by long term health care costs, exploding in part because we don’t have national health care coverage and the private health insurance companies who cover some, operate on profit. How can anyone say that this is okay?
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