As a woman, I don’t like the GOP’s paternalistic and patriarchal attitude towards women rights. I don’t like the GOP’s embrace of profit at the expense of health care and their belief that health care coverage is a privilege. I don’t like the GOP’s ideology that good education is also a privilege and that we are all on our own. I also don’t like their thinking that nothing is sacred, the environment, our food, our air, our civil liberties. I don’t like the winner takes it all mentality. A society is at its strongest when we are all in this together. If we look into our brief history, the society that the GOP is pushing for doesn’t last long, it explodes with the masses left picking up the pieces, just look at the 1890’s and then 1929 for example. Both times weren’t pretty and 2008 wasn’t pretty either, so who really wants to go back there. Romney sure does and I don’t want us to follow him down that path.
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