My response to Robert Scheer’s article in the Huffington Post “Obama by Default” 04/05/2012

What exactly are the GOP voters looking for? I do not want private companies taking over public services because you cannot vote them out if you are dissatisfied with their level of service. There are far too many examples of municipalities who are experiencing buyer’s remorse once they give over to private companies such as parking meters and waste water management. I do not know of a single individual who would trade Medicare for private health coverage and I don’t know of any who would turn their backs on their social security. These aren’t free programs, every worker has paid into them. Our country has a long and productive history of public/private projects that employed millions of workers at any given time, we shouldn’t dismiss that history but rather embrace it. I am cognizant that perhaps when private and public entities go into business you don’t get the astronomical profits that private companies crave for their shareholders and therein lies the rub. The almost religious devotion to the shareholder, profit market and share price have skewed the private companies vision into short-term goals of quarterly profits and that is it. Yet historically when we saw big public/private partnerships like the space program, the highway projects, the dam projects we saw more than profits we saw growth for all. That is what this country needs, a vision that encompasses all of us, not them and then perhaps us, but all of us.