I really dislike this bill, whenever I hear that financial deregulation is going to create jobs, such as unraveling the Oaxley act that was put in place as a response to the fraud on Wall Street that engendered Enron and the tech bubbles, I know that it’s code for monied interests to make a killing at the expense of us once again. I am all about President Obama 2012, but still WHY? I know that President Obama doesn’t just govern for us, he governs for all of us but still, this bill to be signed into law? NO!!! President Obama, think back to former President Clinton, when he signed the repeal of Glass-Steagal, I would bet a lot of money that millions of folk, if they could turn back the clock to that moment, would have torn that bill, broken that pen and tossed everything out the window to keep Glass-Steagal on the books. The same can be said for Oaxley, financial deregulation isn’t the key to jobs, financial regulation is the key to keeping finance people on the up and up and to keep our economy safe from their shenanigans.
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