When I see what our President has accomplished since he has taken office in 2009, dealing with the economic meltdown, ending and drawing down two wars, Israel and Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and the domestic issues such as debt limit crisis, health care insurance act and so many legislative battles with recalcitrant blue dog democrats and the bloc of republicans. Through all this our President has carried himself with class and shown incredible grace under pressure. I am very proud to have him as our President. In contrast when I see Romney’s vision of America, I get sad very quickly for the majority of us. What used to be the classic phrase that described America “land of opportunity” would become a myth for the rest of us under a Romney presidency. I see evidence of this in the remarks Romney has made regarding higher education and how the youth should simply go where they can afford to, that has become almost impossible at the rate higher education costs have increased at least 200% across the board. Higher education translates into better employment. Romney worldview reflected by his agenda at Bain Inc, has pushed manufacturing out of the U.S in search of better bottom lines for shareholders. Romney on so many fronts does not represent the interests of the majority of Americans so I hope that come November we won’t have a Romney presidency, we will continue to have our President in office.
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