The comments given by Justices Scalia, Alito and even Kennedy underline the complete and utter disconnect between the elite and the rest of America. I am not even sure what the GOP’s problem with the ACA bill is anymore. The individual mandate comes from their think tank, it was modeled after a plan designed by a card carrying republican Romney, it gives millions of consumers to private health insurance companies. What is the GOP telling us? Having employment no longer guarantees health insurance coverage, purchasing health insurance is cost prohibitive, health isn’t like driving, you choose to drive you can’t choose to be 100 percent healthy, tell that to the millions of children dying from some cancer or disease. High health costs are strangling our nation’s economy, why don’t the republicans see that? Medicare for all would in my opinion be the best answer in both the short and long term benefit for everyone, but since that isn’t possible the individual mandate would at least keep premiums from further skyrocketing.
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