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My hubby has spent his first term as selectman trying to clear up accounting issues and taxation problems to the annoyance of some in our town. His digging into the past ruffled some feathers because it seemed to shine a light where some wanted to keep it dark. My hubby has been accused of being too blunt and brash for certain people’s taste. Last year there was a concerted effort to recall him, yet on the day of the recall, townspeople who quietly supported my hubby’s plans to create transparency and accountability, came out in droves and surprised the anti-hubby faction by a vote count of 241 to 79 to keep my hubby as selectman.
Now his term is coming to a close and he is not seeking reelection, he wants to concentrate on his career and he is satisfied with the policies and procedures he and the other selectmen have put into place. I’m also happy that he is done with his term, he made a huge difference in the town and he has established procedures that will continue to do their intended job even when he is no longer there to enforce them. I’ll also be glad to see all the added stress of trying to do a responsible job despite extreme opposition from a select few, melt away from his brow and shoulders. His stress is my stress, I’m not sure that he realizes just how much his stress affects me as well. It can be brutal, so I think that it is safe to say that we paid our dues to the town and I hope that the quiet section of our town fully appreciates how much of an effort my hubby put into making a difference.