We have had a war on drugs since the Nixon Administration and I would argue that it has cost the American people too much money, too much loss of liberty, it has twisted the gun culture in our nation, it has racist undertones and it has given the police way too much power over the civilian population. I can see why the passenger was nervous, I get nervous when I see a police cruiser behind me because there aren’t, it seems, any checks and balances between the police and the civilian. It is disturbing on a deep level in my mind because it undermines what America represents in terms of liberty. I was always proud that the government doesn’t mandate that you must carry I.D 24/7, like they do in France. If I am out walking, a police officer can’t simply demand I.D like they can do in other countries. The war on drugs and the war on terror are bringing us closer to that level of paranoia and loss of liberty.I know that some of my friends in law enforcement are going to be screaming, but if we looked at the problem in a new way instead of doubling down on policies that don’t produce any results, perhaps we can get to a better place without losing more liberty.
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