I’m glad that AARP has launched their campaign “You’ve Earned a Say”. I can’t think of a better title. We seem to forget that with every tax that we pay; whether it is sales tax, property taxes, payroll taxes or excise taxes we earn the right to have a say in what our government does in the broad sense. I am all for salon type discussion; “Salons” have had a rich history of generating productive discussion, I am thinking of the Salons in Paris held by many French aristocrats and Courtesans. As long as the discussions come with the aim of full disclosure, no closed door deals please, we can all benefit. Social Security simply needs the tweak of eliminating the cap on self-funding and medicare should have been increased as a tax throughout the years. I never understood how many Americans get duped by the rhetoric that Social Security is broke; it is a self-funding program that pays the individual at the level that they have paid into, as long as employment rolls are high the fund is fine, if the cap was lifted, any shortfall caused by several recessions would be remedied. GOP lawmakers and Wall Street are pushing for ways to get that large pool of Americans paying the 6.25% of their weekly check into a retirement fund, just think of the transaction fees that it would generate for Wall Street. Unchecked greed is a dangerous thing.
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