I find that all the Sunday morning show pundits and journalist should all hang their heads in shame that a late night talk show host could engage Mitt Willard in meaningful question and answer about a key issue the health care insurance. As a MA resident and a former small business owner I can speak to both experiences with acquiring health care insurance. The MA website gives you the whole array of companies and their plans and gives the employer the different break downs of cost: choice of deductibles, the percentage that the employer puts and when you have analyzed the cost outlay you pick. With onset of the recession, the closure of the business thus being unemployed, the MA state insurance plan was a breath of fresh air, the premiums if you have any, are affordable, no co-pays for medical doctors, dental and vision coverage.Having employment once again, means back to the private insurance plan, which means so much money out of pocket on my end. Having been an employer, I know that the high deductible plans are cheaper for the employer and an employer can get away with paying in only 20%. I didn’t choose those plans because I couldn’t afford high deductibles myself. Having had the experience of both, I wish that MA had a single payer system. In this country even if you are insured the costs are still too hard if you get ill. Why do we accept this?
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