Theoretically once humans were able to get past the hunter-gatherer stage of development and able to stay put in a food producing community that is when women could have children quickly. Nomads don’t have the luxury of producing child after child, someone has to carry them. Afterwards particularly for farmers, children were workers and women needed to replace babies who didn’t make it. Mrs Duggar isn’t living that harsh reality, once birth control was available, the number of women who used it to control their destiny’s and the number of children says something about how large families is an economic and practical nightmare. We, as a nation, are dealing with student loan debt at a trillion, an unemployment rate of 8%, health care insurance that is explosive in cost and a GOP that is trying to make reproductive choice a thing of the past. Mrs. Duggar is living her dream but don’t try to make it out to be feasible for everyone or that this country is under-populated, perhaps the WASP group is but that is about it.
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