Strolling through the produce section at Stop n Shop, I was stuck on which vegetable to make with the chicken cutlets that I was planning to feed the family this evening. I passed the Brussel sprouts and asked myself, would the baby girl like these? I know that she used to love them but it has been a while. For some reason it is simply not a vegetable that screams out in the produce section “Pick me, Pick me!” I decided that I was going to live dangerously and brave the potential complaints of the baby girl. The sprouts are so cute, packaged in their little cup with cellophane keeping them from escaping. I decided that bacon was going to be key in making this dinner a hit. Everything tastes better with bacon. So within half hour this evening I had several chicken cutlets breaded and sautéed with lemon and Brussel sprouts; blanched, halved and sautéed in a pan with chopped bacon until the sprouts were nice and caramelized alongside the bacon. The baby girl was duly impressed and it was a quick light dinner. Hooray!