Paul Ryan is a strong admirer of Ayn Rand and her producer versus parasite philosophy; in her books Ayn Rand creates a social Darwinian world by taking her producer versus parasite outlook to its logical conclusion. Since the 99% of us are the parasites and the 1% are the producers, in Ryan’s estimation we are only getting what we deserve, nothing. We shouldn’t expect anything from government because we don’t, in his mind, produce anything, or at least anything of value. I am not surprised in the least that Paul Ryan just basically double downed on his previous budget, he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. What really makes me annoyed is that the Progressive Caucus put forward a budget and yet you wouldn’t know it by reading anything in the papers or by listening to the news. The Progressive’s budget actually brings down our deficit but not by cutting anything from Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid. Instead it addresses tax issues, military spending, tax credits for green energy initiatives and promotes a Made in America program just to name a few ideas. It might not be talked about because the cynics in this world argue that it would never even come up for a vote in the house; all the same, I think that a comparison of the two budgets warrants a national discussion. These are two different visions of our nation’s future, the American people should be aware of the differences.
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