Today is the baby girl’s birthday party that the hubby and I didn’t have to plan, decorate or bake for, the easiest party we have ever thrown ever. Our town hall has a gymnasium that is available to our town members for private events, so tonight that is the venue for the baby girl’s party. Her and her close friends are decorating the gymnasium right as I am writing this post. Early this afternoon, we all went down to town to pick up the balloons and the cotton candy machine, the soda, the pretzels and chips and the special birthday cake and we ordered the pizza from our local pizza shop. All the hubby and I have to do is pick up the pizza, act as delivery boys and deliver them their pizzas. We’ll be chaperones but only to make sure that the noise level and the party animals don’t get out of hand. Which I’m sure won’t happen. I hope that the baby girl has an awesome party and that her friends have a grand time.